Old stock for charity

We are getting rid of our old items and selling st knock down prices. We thought we would try and raise money for the heavy metal truants charity who help raise cash for kids with cancer and kids going through hard times. 
This charity is one we have a close connection with. The truants were set up by Iron Maiden manager , Rod Smallwood and Alexander Milas, precious main man at Metal Hammer magazine now main man at Twin V. 
once this stock is gone, it’s gone. So we are asking , even if your not a fan of the designs, which we hope you are of course, that your getting a free T shirt or Hoodie when you donate to us, to which we will pass on the cash to the  wonderful Heavy Metal Truants. 

each of these items are embroidered with the devilhorn logo along with the horns up logo embroider on the back of the neck or on the arm. A lot of cash was spent getting these made up. We will not recoup the costs, but we are not bothered, we just want to help raise as much cash as we can. 

thank you. 

Eddie White 

devilhorn owner. 

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34" - 37"
38" - 41"
42" - 45"
46" - 49"
50" - 53"


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6 - 8
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10 - 14
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