Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt H Team Signature T Shirt Small Logo (Colour)


Perfect for you metalheads! Introducing our unique T-Shirt designs of legendary Exodus guitar duo Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt. Or more commonly known as, The H-Team.
Waltz it up! The Pit it is!
Known for their Thrash playing synergy and energy in legendary metal band Exodus, both Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt are iconic heroes of the 6-string axe. 
Performing on many of Exodus's albums together they became more commonly known as the H-Team, sharing lead work, solos, and deep thrash chugging. Complimenting each other like the true thrash pioneers they are!
Thanks to us at Devilhorn, both Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt release their joint signature metal t-shirt!
Our exclusive T-Shirts come with not one but two favourable Exodus H-Team designs just for you. One featuring both Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt themselves doing what they do best. Being at one with each other and their guitars!
The second offers up to a more Metal palette. Reimagined in black and white, Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt as a pair of thrash metal zombies adorning the one instrument that makes them kick. The Electric guitar. With a signature H-Team logo underneath these exclusive Devilhorn T-shirts.


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